Luftwaffe Feld Division 17

Homepage of the North Dallas based Luftwaffe Feld Division 17 World War II historical reenactment group.

Home of Luftwaffe Feld Division 17

We are a Dallas Fort Worth, Texas-based reenacting group portraying the 17 Luftwaffe Field Division as it would have appeared during World War II. Our primary impression will be that of the Luftwaffe equipped pre-Normandy jaeger. Once this impression has been acquired, the later Heer-based impression may also be used. This group is open only to those who intend to be active. TMHS membership will be mandatory.

We are a World War II German re-enactment and Living History group dedicated to the re-creation of the 17th Luftwaffe Field Division as it existed before June 6th, 1944. Our members are located in the general vicinity of the Dallas - Fort Worth area of North Texas. The emphasis and the goals of this group, above all, is to have fun and share in a hobby that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 25 years. Our main focus is to obtain and maintain  the absolute authenticity of our impression. When we take to the battlefield and recreate history in front of a couple hundred World War II veterans and some of them relate to us how they were ready to hide under a railcar, or behind a building because they had visions that they were back in St. Lo, Carentan, or Aachen.... then we know we did it right!!!! We fight the battles as if we were there for real, as if it were the Summer of 1944 and the invading Armies of the Allies were pouring into the heart of the Fatherland. And when it comes to after the battle, we don't head for the nearest Holiday Inn or Best Western.... we set up our Zeltbahn into authentic tents and create a bivouac site as if it were an early Fall night in France, 1944. When it comes to combat in the field, as students of history, we try and emulate the tactics and strategies used by small units of the German Wehrmacht..... retreat is never an option!!!!

At this time, our group has no dues, however, membership in the Texas Military Historical Society is REQUIRED (and will be checked). As we strive for unit cohesiveness, as well as full participation from all of our members, we are trying to limit membership to those that live within comfortable driving distance to the North Texas area; as we are looking for active participants (vendors are a possible exception) we have made exception and accommodation for new potential members from East Texas, near Louisiana and south towards the Austin - Houston area, we may also consider membership from the very southern areas of Oklahoma and west towards Abilene; if you do not live in, or are not planning on living in or near the North Texas - DFW area, you might want to consider contacting another group. The one aspect of World War II that we do not reenact, emulate or participate in, is the politics of the Axis Powers. We are not, nor do we believe in, any of the ideas or political expressions of the period and we will not accept any such beliefs or behavior from any of our members. So, if you are a student of history, enjoy the outdoors and would like a chance to join the ranks of a few others that share your interest in reliving history, now is the time to take that step and allow yourself to step back in time, relive and possibly even rewrite history. The men of the 17th Luftwaffe Field Division are waiting to welcome you!!!